Smart Legacy Building

Building A Lasting Legacy

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My Solutions

Protect yourself from hyperinflation by purchasing precious metals at wholesale pricing with a 7k Membership!!


Investing. Saving. Prospering.

Have you noticed that saving regular coins and cashing them in costs money? I've decided to use my coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) to purchase day-to-day goods.

I've also discovered the value of investing and saving minted gold and silver coins. In addition, I began inviting my family, friends, and business associates to join my 7K Metals team to grow a weekly income where I can reinvest my commissions and grow a lasting legacy for my family.


Corporate Updates

Every Monday at 8pm MST

Join the executive team as they take the time to recognize your efforts every week as well as give important corporate updates to help move your business forward. Make sure you don’t miss the weeks when special coins are offered here first!

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