Doreen Rainey - Radical Success Method

written byDeborah Smart
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I signed onto Doreen Rainey’s Radical Success Virtual Weekend because I had a desire to decide what to do with the rest of my life. As you may or may not know, I have spent the last 35 plus years self-employed. I’ve enjoyed working with other professionals in both corporate and entrepreneurs. June 24, 2020, was my 70th birthday. This meant I was entering my 8th decade on earth. For 3 ½ decades, I enjoyed making my dreams come true. In corporate I was told I was not management material because I enjoyed actually hands-on assignments. One of our corporate trainers, Kaleel Jamison, labeled me “a taskmaster and not manager material”. She said it with love. I respected Kaleel and agreed with her assessment. I enjoyed doing the detailed work. Kaleel passed away in August 1985, three months prior to my leaving corporate and starting my business, Direct Konnections, Inc.

Doreen reminded me of Kaleel as she took us through the virtual training. She designed her presentation for the people who she defined as her niche community. I want to share briefly what identified and confirmed I was her avatar.

I am someone who is open to new opportunities, even when presented with different perspectives. My challenge is asking questions. My personality is one of a listener and note-taker. If I need clarification, I will research it on google or other sources. My major challenge is silencing the chatter and blocking shining objects which take me off of my primary task. When I believe I have all the information, I move forward. Despite the discomfort, moving out of my comfort zone, I show up.

It is really important to be open and ready for opportunities to shift your focus and change your direction. Success is never moving in a straight line. There will be unexpected shifts and turns before you reach your destiny.

I worked through the Radical Success Method, and it helped me identify what I have developed this past year. I developed a new mindset. I am “Born to Win Not Retire”. For me, retirement looked like a slow, painful road waiting to die. I know many people will disagree. Unfortunately, my husband and I have had many financial challenges, so the nest eggs we created for retirement got scrabbled. There are so many facets to our lives which we have to prepare for if we are looking for longevity.

You must consider not only your business strategy. You also have to consider your personal life. How much of what you do balances your lifetime goals.

This is one of the main reasons my focus right now is Mindset. In order to succeed in anything, you are working hard to depend on your mindset.

I invite you to listen to my conversation with Doreen Rainey as she breaks down the Radical Success Method.