I help authors build publishing platforms to market and build their business through Smart Publishing Lifestyles' proprietary 3-tier process guaranteed.


Learn How to Build A Prosperous Stream of Income to Finance Your Publishing and Marketing Efforts.


Dare To Dream

It's never too late to write the book.

Listen to the experiences of those to dare to take the first step. Are you ready to dare to follow your dreams?


Dare to Grow

Plant. Nurture. Grow. Pollinate.
Once you plant the seed, it's time to grow and expand your skills. What seeds have you planted in your quest to become a published author or successful entrepreneur in publishing?


Dare to Prosper

Learn how to build a prosperous stream of income to finance your publishing and marketing efforts.

  • Dream Big
  • Inspire Action
  • Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • Enjoy Your Legacy.

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