Do Not Let Distractions Stop Your Momentum

written byDeborah Smart
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In Episode 11, I look back in order to move forward. Now, what does this mean? I have been self-employed for 35 years plus and have devised and conceived projects and programs that I wanted to develop and launch. As I read through my composition books and older blog posts, I see a pattern of falling short because of distractions that occurred throughout my life.


Saturday’s podcast started off with my recognition of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy that devastated our country. I also want to recognize how the effects and fallout are still affecting the minds and lives of millions of people, even today.


Distractions have a way of taking you off the path you believe is the right one for you to follow.  


I’ve had many distractions over my lifetime. Somehow, I regrouped and moved forward to overcoming and achieving the goals I’ve set out to accomplish. 

In 1998 I founded Gladstone Publishing Services. The following year, I published two books:


Before the Smoke Screen - Authors David Goerlitz and Gary LaForest

No, Nonsense Nathan! - Author Paula Nolte


In this podcast, “Do Not Let Distractions Stop Your Momentum” I tell of three incidents that stopped and delayed me from moving forward with my plans. In the past ten years, I have worked really hard to stay on track. Since September 11, 2001, Gladstone Publishing Services, my publishing company, has traditionally published the following books:


Matthew Mouse - Author Iris Calaci


Aunt Debra and My Favorite Things Poster - Author Debra Pedrow

Animal Talk: An Illustrated Workbook of Animal Sayings - Author Dr. Donald Morse

Alphabet Soup - A Poetry Jam - First Graduating Class of formerly known Creative Arts High School in Camden, New Jersey.


In December 2003, a major distraction occurred. My husband of 19 ½ years passed away from a rare cancer. He was my financial backer in all the books published. It took me a while to recover. Eventually, I pressed on. I fell back on my computer consulting business to help pay for my projects.



Aunt Debra and The Snack’n String - Author Debra Pedrow


I put my traditional publishing to rest, and I turned to offer Publishing Services for a fee. I continued doing everything I did as a traditional publisher. Now I was being paid for my skills and experience. Since 2009, I have helped individuals get their first books published, whether using the Gladstone Publishing Services imprint or they used their own.


Sometimes you have to change your mindset and pivot in your direction, but it doesn’t stop you from achieving your goals. There are many roads to success. You just have to be mindful and keep your options open. I will present more information about my past projects in future postings.

Remember, Dare to Dream; Dare to Grow and Dare to Prosper.