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The challenge I have with my podcast is the people I select to interview are so awesome I hate to stop the great information they are sharing with you. The following video is a section I deleted from the podcast. For the introductory information shared by Regina, I invite you to download the podcast and listen at your leisure.


Regina is a woman who has found her passion on two levels. One that fits her personal desire for herself, and the second to help others find their personal desire for them.

Regina Andler enjoys life as a Life Strategist working with individuals who are just miserable and are looking for their best possible life. Over the past decade, she has reassembled her own building blocks to create the life of her dreams and is now living her passion of helping others to do the same through her educational programs that teach her clients how to find the “x” on their own treasure maps. She is a certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and certified in Wholebeing Positive Psychology.

In this episode, Regina wants you to focus on “Who do you want to be?” She explains that you can’t know who until you understand your background and what got you to this point in your life. You have to understand your story before moving forward.

In order to shift or pivot onto the path which will get you started, you have to know what will motivate you to change your current mindset. What will help you gain the confidence to discover your true path and passion?

Contact Information:

Regina Andler

Founder & CLS

Autumn Ascent Consulting


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