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Deborah Smart

One Smart Lady in Publishing

Woman with a Vision. Publishing Coach for First-Time Authors.
"Not perfect, the Lord is perfecting me."


My voice opened the doors for me to begin my work career as an Information Operator for Bell Telephone. I did not go to college directly out of high school because I didn't know what I wanted to do other than be an archeologist. My father was against it, so I went to work two weeks after graduation. Even then, I wouldn't settle for something I did not desire.

Always follow the desires of your heart.

My confidence in my computer programming and training skills opened the doors for me to launch my first business, Direct Konnections, Inc. (DKI). My last name was Karper, so my creativity prompted me to brand my company using my initials...DK.

I programmed the computer menu in this picture using newly designed software. Much like EStage, it made doing your job easier. The menu-driven structure helped avoid using DOS language to navigate the computer.

I eventually learned to program in Visual Foxpro and R&R Report Writer. I built a computer consulting business installing, training and programming for Human Resource and Payroll departments.

My dream to become a published author opened the door to start my publishing company, Gladstone Publishing Services. Traditional publishing was very hard to get accepted if you were a first-time author. I published four children's books under the traditional structure. [I still have copies of those books in limited supply.]

I am standing in the production center with Jake Garrison, the owner, at Garrison's Printing in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

We printed two of my books in China because they had the most affordable prices. I will have a video talking about the process.

My dreams expanded and after publishing three children's picture books, I created a character called "Mrs. K the Book Shephard". Along with one of my authors, we visited elementary schools and read our books to the class.

Here I am reading "Matthew Mouse" by Iris Calaci
Other books:
Paula Nolte
"No Nonsense, Nathan!"

Debra Pedrow's
"Aunt Debra and My Favorite Things"
"Aunt Debra and the Snack'n String"

Once again, my dreams took me to another level. I had completed my first protege program with three first-time authors. I knew after a year of hard work; we had to launch their book projects with a bang. I produced a pilot show with a studio audience. I called it Smart By Choice TV. Two of the three formed their own publishing companies.

Coming soon, videos of this program. Check back that page is still in development..

My vision to expand my book production to book marketing pivoted my journey to switch from traditional book marketing via book fairs and vending tables to social media marketing. I joined the FourPercent community that launched my five-year adventure, learning how "Systems Work People Fail".

I launched my podcast. Taking all the education and experience over the past 36 years, I will seek others who are experts in publishing, marketing, and the various fields of coaching to interview. Besides the experts, I will spotlight first-time authors and entrepreneurs building their businesses based on the books they published.

You can find information on my Podcast, Resources, and Blog pages. They are all connected and offer multiple opportunities for visitors to find it.

On October 11, 2022, as a co-author of "Making Waves - Creating Ripples Effects That Can Change the World" I became an Amazon Best Selling Author for the first-time. We ranked in the top 100 of our categories to become Amazon Bestselling Book in

#1 Business Ethics
#3 Self-Esteem and Self-Care

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The following January 2023, I did it again in an anthology, "Behind Closed Doors - I Survived Domestic Violence & You Can Too!" - Second Edition.

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