Creating Sanctuaries

Valerie Mandisa Stancill


“What I have been through will help you get through ...” is Valerie Stancill's mantra. After living through her own trials and setbacks, she knew her experiences were not only for her. That's why Valerie moves full steam ahead to fulfill her passion to educate, empower, inspire, and equip women to regain control of their lives and wellness so they can enjoy emotional, mental, and spiritual abundance. 

After completing her studies in Health Arts at the University of St. Francis; she continued to hone her craft by obtaining certifications as a holistic wellness coach;  Yoni Steam practitioner; Reiki Master practitioner; Etheric Touch practitioner; and as a licensed massage therapist.

So, it is no surprise that Valerie is the founder of Purposed For Wellness, a holistic wellness center where she serves as an energy healer and Reiki Master, while providing a safe space for women to reconnect with their bodies and reignite vibrancy through Yoni Steaming, sound harmonics, meditation, and self-care coaching. Her catch phrase, Your Wellness is My Purpose, perfectly sums up her mission.

Valerie has been interviewed on various podcasts, such as Let’s Talk; In Search of Me Now; Thursday Talk with Misha; Talks with Tanya; An Array of Hope; and Gospel Radio. She is a best-selling author, international speaker, domestic violence advocate, and contributing writer for Stay Focused Magazine. Not one to rest on her laurels, Valerie is also the host of the Beauty 4UR Ashes talk show on Facebook; the Purposed For Wellness WCMD radio program; and the PFW podcast on Anchor. The co-host of the Brush Strokes syndicated radio show, she has also spoken on a Domestic Violence Awareness panel, and at various conferences and workshops, including WE Believe You S.O.S.; empowHER; Around the Table; and at the Rutgers School of Business as an entrepreneur. 

Valerie talks about her experience and how she was affected by taking her abuser to court.

Valerie talks about her being required to go through abuse therapy even thought she did not want to participate in the group sessions.


Latest Book: Knight in Rusted Armor

As a survivor I wanted to make sure my experience was not in vain….

I decided I would take this experience to help other women not fall prey to these predators.  I feel telling my story was the tool I used to help me heal and release any mental control my abuser had on me!

This workbook is designed to familiarize you with domestic violence and it’s many layers. The “red flags” that say warning, not proceed with caution or just look at them as “just flags!” They mean run, get away…

Using this as a guide, you will be aware of things you should look for and help you make good decisions when 

dating, getting into a new relationship. It is also a tool that may help you recognize you ae in a domestic violence relationship.  

Complete the worksheets and have the necessary information to help you make better choices and providing a better understanding. 

This is something I wish I had because I would not have made the mistakes I did. But, my empowerment is “what I went through will help you get through.”

Valerie Stancill was a victim of domestic violence and this involvement was with a criminal as well. She refused to let the judicial system or her abuser win, so she Speaks Up and Speaks Loud to help other women not fall into the hands of these predators. 

Valerie is a certified domestic violence advocate and speaker and she Speaks Up and Speaks Loud for all those who feel they cannot. She is their voice and she will continue to be their voice until they are ready to Speak Up and Speak Loud!