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Deborah reviews the purpose of the program and how she formats it to focus on the guest. You see, as well as hear, the behind-the-scenes preparation for the show.

Watch as Diane understands the importance of staging your background and setting.

Diane Rusk considers herself a lifelong entrepreneur! Most recently, she adds “author” to her list of accomplishments.

In her own words, she says, “I’m just a laugh-lov’in, baby-hugg’in, brain-storm’in entrepreneur. I’m a creative genius at times, too!”

Diane came up with her first product idea when she was only 12 years old, but didn’t know it at the time. Decades later, she was a contestant on a Canadian TV entrepreneur show called Dragon’s Den, but didn’t get a deal… YET!

She was a professional cheerleader for the Toronto Blizzard Soccer Team. She worked as a CKVR television reporter for eleven years and married her cameraman. She won a trip to Antigua in a radio contest by writing a poem about her love for her husband.  Diane & Marty have two sons and have also been blessed with six grandchildren.

Diane and her BFF Donna backpacked through Europe for 3 months, where she attended a live Bob Marley concert at a University in Paris, France; helped build a youth hostel in Valencia, Spain, and waitressed on a nude beach in Mykonos, Greece!

Diane has survived two near-death experiences and has been able to literally bring her passion for “everything pregnant” to life!

Diane is the proud creator of Having A Baby, an online program that empowers Mama’s-to-be, to experience a healthy, happy pregnancy.  Her “secret sauce” is sharing how the art of meditation can play a pivotal role in a woman’s pregnancy journey.


This was my third baby, and this was the only time I was in control from start to finish! Susan Patterson – Mom of three.

I bought this for our daughter. I am a retired teacher as well as a proud grandma and I think you are onto a wonderful idea…. relaxed mom, happy baby, and well-adjusted young child. Elaine -Proud Grandma

I heard about this at a conference I attended.  We primarily use it in CBE class. Sometimes it’s used by me – I’m always pregnant!!   We love it – use it in every series of classes we teach.  Melissa Cowl – Birth Doula Trainer (Dona)

Diane Rusk will launch her new pregnancy APP  Having A Baby this summer, and her book will be available this fall.   

"Having A Baby"

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