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Deborah Smart

One Smart Lady Productions

This is the debut episode of "Smart Talks with One Smart Lady". In this episode, Deborah shares why she started this podcast and introduces her background and journey to introduce her experience as a writer, published author, publisher, social media marketing, and consultant. She hopes to build a network and community of creators who present value and above-average content in their writing, program production, and business platforms. She will take listeners through a three-tier method focused on developing the mindset, skillset, and toolset needed to build a community of wordsmiths and creators unhampered or blocked by dos and don'ts learn in formal writing courses and workshops.

Cyndie "Cyd" Webster Beacham

Cyndie "Cyd" Beacham, Published Author and Independent Publisher, talks with Deborah Smart about her pathway to becoming a Producer and Filmmaker of the award-winning movie "Roman" based on her book co-written with her late husband, George Ward Beacham. 


Doreen Rainey

CEO of RADICAL Success Institute
Transformational Coach and Speaker

Her signature RADICAL Success Method teaches the foundation for exploring an internal transformation to experience external results. Its focus on examining mindset, beliefs, habits, and behaviors positions her clients to accelerate to their next level. She's witnessed people take the coaching concepts shared through her process and completely transform their career, business, finances, and relationships.


Demetria Winters is the Founder of the organization, Black Butterfly Queen Life Coach. Demetria is a United States Army Veteran, Mental Health Nurse, and Life Coach, who assists black women with transforming their lives by taking control of their emotional and mental health. She is also a published author and entrepreneur.

For more information, you can email Demetria Winters at [email protected].

Contact her by phone: 404-919-3144.


Are you ready to jump off the hamster wheel and start living your life on your own terms?

FINDING ME™ is a 10-week proprietary program designed to help you define and start living your best life with guaranteed results.

Enrollment for her proprietary program is now open. FINDING ME™ starts September 7, 2021.


Regina Andler
Founder and CLS
Autumn Ascent Consulting

Certified Canfield Success Principles and certified Wholebeing Positive Psychology. Helping individuals find their best life.


Smart Guy® seeks the best 1,500 business professionals (one per category) within every city willing to offer local discounts and then markets them directly to local consumers via the local SmartGuy Saver®.

Deborah Smart, Author, Publisher, and Founder of One Smart Lady Productions is the City Leader for Philadelphia, PA. She interviewed Jordan Wexler, SmartGuy founder, on Smart Talks with One Smart Lady in Podcast Episode 8.

Dr. Mary Washam, founder, and CEO of Building Better Relationships Together, is also a Professional Certified Relationship Coach, specializing in working with women who are single, married, separated, and divorced. Today she talks with Deborah about her signature three-step program Building Better Relationships Together. She authored three books: Does God Really Talk, A Believer But, Wait! 7 Checks B-4 “I Do”. Her experience includes Motivation Speaker at conferences, workshops, seminars, retreats, and support groups.


In 2020, Kimberly launched her Online School called Book Builders Academy- in which now she teaches people online and at their own pace, how to write their books! Her latest book, "Write Publish, & Market Your Book, In 30 Days or Less" launched in April 2020, and now step-by-step courses have been established to educate Aspiring and Published Authors, and get them to the Next Level! Membership.


Inner Child Press was founded by William S. Peters, Sr., and is a subsidiary of Inner Child Enterprises. We take pride in our writer-oriented vision. Inner Child Press is a Publishing Company established by Writers, for Writers, specializing primarily in Poetry.

We Writers rule the roost here. We promise you will never get a Computer Account Technician or Hourly Employee who is disconnected from the process.

All of us have walked the path to publishing and are intimately familiar with the challenges and concerns of Writers, New and Seasoned. We pride ourselves on our Personalized Service and “In Touch” interaction with you during your journey.

Ken Attard

Mindset Malta

Become a successful entrepreneur while maintaining your personal time flexibility! It's critical that you understand how to change your mindset in order to get greater success in all areas of your life.


Terri Levine


Founder of Heart-repreneur Business Consulting who has coached over 6,000 clients over the past 4 decades and helped build 6- and 7- figure businesses that generate income, impact, and lifestyle.

We will add more resources to help you with your writing, publishing, marketing, and building multiple streams of income. From time-to-time we will introduce you to resources focused on mindset, personal development and conflict resolution.

Stay Informed As We Add New Resources!