My name is Jeremy Terrell Green. I was born and raised in Camden, South Carolina, where I also went to Camden High. Out of my mother’s children, I am the youngest. Growing up, I’ve always loved anime, superheroes, and just about anything fantasy-related. I guess that’s what inspired me to write. I have a beautiful daughter named Nyomi.

With this book, I hope to create a fanbase that will not just enjoy my book, but one that will give me feedback so may become a better writer.

I write about characters who push past the obstacles that are placed in front of them and learn to live with the things they can not change. I prefer fiction. It gives me a chance to be more creative. Fantasy is what interests me the most.

I would like the reader to enjoy the world I created and the mysteries I’ve laid out. I want the action within my book to have them gripping my book tighter in excitement.

If you enjoyed “The Key of Blood” you will be riveted by the next in The Protectors series. Look out for The‌ ‌Protectors‌ ‌- “Meiko’s‌ ‌Trial‌”.


 Zane, son of Zuberi, former leader of The Protectors, the Demon Slayer, is ready to take his rightful place. The death and stories of his father’s valor have fueled the fire in his belly. He is ready to discover his powers at the Magicae Electi. He does not know which crystal will be his and what powers he will get. The journey Zane is about to embark on will take the reader into the world of The Protectors.


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The Protectors - The Key of Blood