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Dare to Dream and Grow

Smart Sojourners.

Core members are called Smart Sojourners. They share stories that help others achieve success. Success comes in many forms and mindsets. Success is determined by milestones achieved based on hopes and dreams. To become a member of the Smart Sojourner community, contact us. Let us know a little about your writing project or your story.

Smart Publishing Lifestyles

Coming Soon:
Three (3) Tier Proprietary System
Tier One - Smart by Choice
Tier Two - Smart Sojourners
Tier Three - Smart Phoenix Rising Method(tm)

Tier One: Smart By Choice
Dare to Dream

Our authors are writers and entrepreneurs who dare to tell their stories. They are setting out to learn to write, edit, and publishing preparation.

Tier Two: Smart Sojourners
Dare to Grow

Our authors are now stepping into the planning and strategizing of their publishing and marketing process. Here, they will learn and understand the skills they will need to build their publishing and marketing platforms.

Tier Three: Smart Phoenix Rising Method(tm)

Dare to Prosper

As client family members, our authors step into leveraging and monetizing their publishing and marketing platforms.

Hear Testimonies from
Client Family Members


Edward Johnson III

Author of "3 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Men" - Published in 2018


Barbara Pierce

Author of two books:
"The Ballad Poetress" - Published 2020

"Little Hue" - Published 2021


Zenia Harrison

Author of "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" - Published 2015


Jeremy Green

Author of "The Protectors - The Key of Blood" - Published in 2021

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