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Check out the awesome Foreword shared by C. E. Shy, aka Mutawaf Shaheed


Everything Is Connected.

The earth is not a perfect circle, nor are the people who inhabit it. Somehow the planet continues to spin at the right speed at the right distance from our star, the sun, in order for its people, plants, and animals to exist. Everything that was good, was prepared before the human race arrived on the earth. The air, water, plants. It is called the Goldie Locks zone. All the known elements that are found in the known universe have the same composition. It becomes a function of how these elements are used, and for the life span that we as human beings revel in, these elements will be useful.

Every human is comprised of the same things that are found in the rest of the known universe. As science continues to evolve, there are no realistic expectations – there will be anything new in that regard. How far have we come in, and how do we get along as human beings? When we look up, or to our right or left, up or down, we see similar things; no matter where we live. There are sounds we are permitted to uncover to discover. They have an impact on us in some way; some good, some not so good.

At the very core of our being, there is the desire to acknowledge something greater than ourselves. Whatever that may turn out to be. It has been established that plants respond to kindness, and trees talk to one another. Nature works in harmony to benefit human beings. Humans cannot escape certain consequences. Just as other parts of the heavens can’t escape the recycling of matter and energies that dominate them. There are certain barriers and physiological processes that we all have in common. There comes a time when there is no more time.

We will always have opposition to the choices we make about how we want to live our lives. Sometimes, when we are faced with bad things that our conscience knows are bad, we let it divide us as human beings. We only have so much capacity for all of the items encountered in this physical life. As we grow on all levels of our present existence, distinctions must be made as to what is important enough to hold on to or let go. That particular growth sometimes depends on what influences have made a difference in our lives, and how we interpret them.

The world to a young person may look totally different as we grow older. Many times, we are not able to let go of some of the immaturity, as well as the purposeful infusing of negative influences that distract us from our reason for being. There is only a limited amount of time to get it right. As a species, we have more in common than not.

False premises and psychological manipulation are the destructive forces that keep humanity divided. The ego is the driving mechanism that has been used to help in the process of separation and disunity. We should be armed with the righteousness of our convictions. Concentrating on what we have in common, making that a common goal. In every way of life, there are good people and bad people. We are surrounded by visible and invisible forces, whether they are human or otherwise. They are at work, around the clock, for millennia, to obstruct our reason for being one people. I am not trying to oversimplify the problems we face as a species, but to do or say nothing, says in no uncertain terms, that we have surrendered, submitted to evil and hatred; that we accept the convoluted way of life that has been offered to us that we witness every day. Our silence is our consent.

Today, we are dealing with bad choices made by uncharitable, greedy people who have rebuked the responsibility of being the good shepherd for the planet earth as they/we were intended to be. As a people of conscience, it becomes our duty to raise our voices and remind ourselves and others of how everything is connected. When we observe how the objects in the universe are changed from one form to another. By way of explosions, and collisions, the object still exists, just in another form.

Why wouldn’t that be the case with us as humans? Harmony and peace in the life of this world are healing forces. Hatred is sickness and destruction. The known universe has been around for at least 13 billion years according to the individuals who do that work. So, parts of all those elements that we are made of, were also around that long. We must consider that wherever we may be, we will be someplace else longer than we have been here on this planet. There is strength in truth.

M. A. Shaheed, aka C. E. Shy