Working Together
for Good

In the debut episode of "Smart Talks with One Smart Lady", Deborah shares why she started this podcast and introduces her background and journey to introduce her experience as a writer, published author, publisher, social media marketing, and consultant. She hopes to build a network and community of creators who present value and above-average content in their writing, program production, and business platforms. She will take listeners through a three-tier method focused on developing the mindset, skillset, and toolset needed to build a community of wordsmiths and creators unhampered or blocked by dos and don'ts to learn in formal writing courses and workshops.

In this episode, Deborah Smart honors the memory of those lost in the 9/11 tragedy 20 years ago. She also shares how distractions can interfere with achieving your goals. Even during disasters, maintain your focus and stay in contact with all parties involved. This episode summarizes the previous ten episodes and announces the next upcoming episode with one of her mentors.

Creating Sanctuaries continues the conversation about Domestic Violence and Abuse Awareness. Deborah talks about her experiences with domestic violence in multiple marriages and how she has learned to create a sanctuary to keep her mind at ease and focused on her daily life.