Your Pathway to Freedom

is Your Choice

"There are many paths to freedom. You choose the path right for you." Deborah Smart


Experience = Your Pathway to Freedom

Affiliate Marketing Academy

Are you prepared to learn from my mentor, Vick Strizheus?

He has prepared for you a FREE Affiliate Marketing Academy webinar to teach you amount selling other people's productions and services.

Smart Publishing Lifestyles

Join our Smart Sojourners of 1st-time authors who wrote their stories, published, and through Gladstone Publishing Services.

  1. Redefine your Mindset: Dare to Dream

  2. Develop your Skillset: Dare to Grow

  3. Activate your Toolset: Dare to Prosper


I am a proud founding member of OnPassive. Consider becoming a founder of this growing international movement. Building wealth for yourself is fine; also choose to help those less fortunate.

NowSite Marketing

3-Click Marketing Done For You. Nowsite Marketing and Networking provides tools to help inexperienced entrepreneurs to build a business with 3 clicks of the mouse.


Legacy Building

As an entrepreneur, I need cash flow to invest in my publishing and marketing projects. This company has a solution that will help me stay on top of my financial obligations and invest in the future and leave a legacy for my family.

Attend Free 2 Hour Webinar.