Your Pathway to Freedom

is Your Choice

"There are many paths to freedom. You choose the path right for you." Deborah Smart


Experience = Your Pathway to Freedom


Affiliate Marketing Academy

Are you prepared to learn from my mentor, Vick Strizheus?

He has prepared for you a FREE Affiliate Marketing Academy webinar to teach you amount selling other people's productions and services.


Smart Publishing Lifestyles

Join our Smart Sojourners of 1st-time authors who wrote their stories, published, and through Gladstone Publishing Services.

  1. Redefine your Mindset: Dare to Dream

  2. Develop your Skillset: Dare to Grow

  3. Activate your Toolset: Dare to Prosper


YouTube Business Builder

"How I Made $333,000 In 12 Months Spending 1 Hour a Week Posting Simple Videos. Learn More YouTube (No Ads Required)" - Anthony M.


Secret Funnel Strategy

Russell Brunson's "secret funnel strategy" that has helped over 1,000+ entrepreneurs grow from "startup" to "two comma club winner" in record time.



I am a proud founding member of OnPassive. Consider becoming a founder of this growing international movement. Building wealth for yourself is fine; also choose to help those less fortunate.


NowSite Marketing

3-Click Marketing Done For You. Nowsite Marketing and Networking provides tools to help inexperienced entrepreneurs to build a business with 3 clicks of the mouse.


Legacy Building

As an entrepreneur, I need cash flow to invest in my publishing and marketing projects. This company has a solution that will help me stay on top of my financial obligations and invest in the future and leave a legacy for my family.

Attend Free 2 Hour Webinar.



SmartGuy® founded by CEO Jordan Wexler and I am the City Business Leader for Philadelphia, PA, and Newark, DE. SmartGuy® is an exclusive business referral network that connects up to 1500 businesses, one per category, in an exclusive referral network and then promotes them to the public. Find out how you can set up your free webpage.


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