Cyndie "Cyd" Webster Beacham Dares to Grow

written byDeborah Smart
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I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Cyd Beacham in this episode. I found out we had so much in common. Cyd Webster Beacham has been an IT professional, as I was. We are one of the rare breeds who are technical programmers and can hold a conversation with our clients. 

Author House published Cyd’s first book, and her subsequent books were self-published. She talks about her experience with a traditional publisher versus her experience as a self-publishing author taking the independent route. Her series “Struck By Lightning and other Bolts of Reality” is a collection of short stories about dysfunctional relationships. Her first novel, “HB” for homeboy, takes place in a time where androids take over the male population.

Cyd’s latest offering “Roman” was co-authored with her late husband, George Ward Beacham III. Cyd explains how George agreed to share his experiences creating the character Roman. Once the book was published and sold at a church book fair, Cyd and George were approached to convert the story into a film. 

Cyd had the courage to transform her life even after the death of her husband. She dared to move forward even with the lack of funding and loss of her life and business partner.

I invite you to listen to Cyd tell her story of how she transformed from published author to producer of “Roman”.